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The Deaf community is teeming with unique and talented individuals. Listed below are just a few of our favorites.

michael-samaripa-deaf-photographer Michael Samaripa

Michael’s work is dreamy! See more here.


Deaf-talent-crepe-crazy-family Vladimir and Inna Giterman
Business Owners

This family started a delicious food truck called Crepe Crazy that has since turned into a successful restaurant. See the drool-worthy pics here.


kurt-ramborger-deaf-chef Kurt Romborger

Deaf TOP CHEF winner Kurt Ramborger aka THE IRISH CHEF – is a story worth rooting for over and over again! Read the story on


chuck-baird-deaf-artist Chuck Baird

Deaf artist Charles “Chuck” Baird has touched many of us thru his rich artwork. Sadly, he is no longer with us but we can still admire it. We have an autographed photo piece by Chuck which says a simple but very true statement, ‘YOU CAN!” Thank you for your ongoing encouragement, Chuck. You will not be forgotten. You can learn more about Chuck here.


mindy-theron-deaf-performerJust Mindy & Theron

Mindy Moore and Theron Parker are an amazing Deaf performance team with many talents. They act, mime, teach workshops, create silk textiles… so much more. See all they do.


marlee-matlin-deaf-actressMarlee Matlin

The famous Oscar winning Deaf actress, now has an app to teach you ASL, that’s great for kids too! Get the app here.


tony-mcgregor-2-artist-deaf-talentTony Landon McGregor, PhD.

Nationally recognized Deaf artist creates sculpture out of everyday gourds. They are southwestern in nature and beautiful to behold and hold. He’s also an exceptional painter, wrote children’s books with Walter Kelley and is passionate about multicultural education. See some of his sculptures here.


ellen-yeates-deaf-talent-photographer-austinEllen Yeates

Ellen’s photography is like a magic dream! See her portfolio.

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