Delia Mott Merritt

Owner and Sign Language Interpreter

Delia is a UT Austin graduate and has been a certified freelance interpreter since 1989. She is Texas Board of Evaluators of Interpreters (BEI) certified at Level III, and has her Court Interpreter Certification (CIC). Working for Texas School for the Deaf, Travis County Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin Community College, and the Central Texas community has given her extensive knowledge of interpreter ethics, protocol, Deaf culture and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Delia’s passion for working with the Deaf community began at the age of 5, when a Deaf classmate befriended her. At 16yrs, she was interpreting for the Director of the El Paso Center for the Deaf.  Little did she know then that the seed for Communication by Hand had been planted.

Today, she works tirelessly to ensure the Deaf community has access to great interpreters 24 hours a day. She supports Deaf businesses and advocates for equal access for the Deaf community. Through her Connecting Workshops, she enjoys educating the hearing community about Deaf culture and interpreting services. Her open-door philosophy, dedication to serving others and kindness has earned her the appreciation and trust of interpreters, businesses, and Deaf community.

Katie-Mae Calhoun

Billing Coordinator

Katie-Mae hails from Odessa, TX. Upon entering the workforce with TXDOT, she made her way up into the world of accounting. Her attention to detail, accuracy and kindness are appreciated by our interpreters and customers. Katie-Mae is a gifted artist and grew up creating set design for the Globe Theatre’s plays, as well as other artistic ventures. She’s the creative talent behind our birthday cards and has earned the label “Mother of Dragons” as she creates elaborate dragons which she sells on Etsy. She is actively learning American Sign Language (ASL) and enjoying every minute of it.

Anna Silberman

Interpreter Coordinator

Anna is a native Houstonian who fell in love with ASL after taking classes and volunteering at Deaf events. Graduating with a BA in Psychology, she came to Austin with the goal of immersing herself in the interpreting world, and CbH was happy to welcome her.  Her ambition, cheerful attitude, and helpful demeanor make her a perfect fit for our CbH team. In the near future, Anna plans to go back to school to expand upon her ASL vocabulary in preparation for interpreter training, and we’re excited to see her flourish. Anna has a big heart and even donates her beautiful hair biennially to charities supporting cancer patients.

Photographs by Michael Samaripa and Elijah Dow Merritt (EDMphotography)

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