Over 200,000 people are Deaf or hard of hearing in Austin.

We’re Here For You, 24/7

Communication by Hand is a 24-Hour American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting agency serving the Central Texas Deaf community with exceptional interpreting services since 1993.

Our business has an unbeatable reputation of being there for our communities day or night – with or without advance notice — and doing so with gratitude and helpfulness. Kindness and our desire to go above and beyond for our Deaf and hearing communities is paramount in our daily work.

The hearing community knows they can rely on us. And our Deaf community trusts us.

Communication by Hand is TX HUB Certified and HIPAA compliant. We provide certified American Sign Language interpreters 24 Hours a day, 7 Days a week for all needs:



Our interpreters are available to assist with any medical need from birth to end of life and are knowledgeable and compliant with HIPAA privacy laws.



Trained to uphold the highest levels of privacy and professionalism, our interpreters are there for clients for any legal need, in and out of court.



Whether you need an interpreter for interviews, training, seminars or small meetings, we facilitate clear communication in the workplace.



Classroom interpreting (elementary through doctorate level) is an essential service we offer, helping to ensure that students of all ages who are Deaf or hard of hearing have an equal learning experience as their classmates.



Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) service is an innovative way of communicating with your Deaf client with an off-site interpreter. Click here for more information about VRI.



For people who are DeafBlind or have very limited vision, we offer a very talented group of interpreters specializing in Tactile and Pro-Tactile interpreting. Tactile interpreting is ASL conveyed through touch on the hands. Please contact us for more information.

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